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Incorporating Islamic Design Principles in Modern Web Design

Multiple researches have proved that the number of users seeking Islamic content on the internet has increased significantly worldwide. This plays a crucial role in shaping society as the internet has a big hand in fostering global connections.

A diverse range of markets, brands and industries tend to opt for an Islamic design perspective for website development and design. With the growing Muslim audience from e-commerce platforms offering Halal products to offering Quranic teaching and learning lessons, the market is observing a sharp increase in innovative digital solutions catering to the specific needs of the Islamic community.

Furthermore, to gain loyal customers in the Islamic community it’s important to develop a well-designed and culturally appropriate Islamic online presence. Consumers are on the search for sites that align with their beliefs while offering them the best of the digital landscape. Consequently, users and businesses are looking for the best web development company UAE to create an Islamic site.

Understanding Islamic Websites

An Islamic website offers services, resources, and useful information related to Islam within the community and to anyone looking to gain information regarding Islam and the Muslim community. It also includes content related to Quranic teachings, Islamic history, Hadith teachings and communal issues.

An expert web developer and design agency will add features to the website like:

  • Islamic calendar
  • Islam related videos
  • Educational articles
  • Tools for learning to speak Arabic along with Quranic Arabic
  • Testimonials
  • Multimedia content to engage and educate the users
  • Prayer timings
  • Forums for discussions
  • Charity and donation portal
  • Qibla direction
  • SSL certificate
  • Secure Login
  • Quizzes on the Islamic teachings for kids and adults

However, catering to all Islamic sites equally is not appropriate. Each Islamic website can vary from one another depending on its content and target audience. Regardless, having a basic understanding of how Islamic websites work is crucial to ensure an overall satisfying digital experience and to avoid any hassles.

Factors to Consider When Developing Islamic Websites

To develop an Islamic website that’s a means of service to the community and has features like Quranic content, Hadith and academic interpretations it’s important to stay informed about current events and issues related to the Muslim community. Providing an overall well-functioning yet aesthetically pleasing site is the main goal but keeping the content relevant and appropriate is just as crucial.

Moreover, having an easily accessible interface, tools and features that cater to all members of the community, whether they have hearing impairment or visual disability is an important consideration. The Islamic community is an all-inclusive community that advocates treating all members equally keeping in mind their specific needs.

Adding to that, several Islamic websites’ focal point is to build a community. Hence the website will need features that cater to the community like discussion boards and forums, and social media integration to ensure engagement and interactivity.

Moving forward with multimedia integration, Islamic websites often have a multitude of video lectures, sermons, Q&A sessions or interviews with scholars, educators and psychologists/therapists/counsellors. There’s also audio content such as Islam-related podcasts, Quran recitations and translations to be considered when making a website with Islamic design in perspective.

Lastly, maintaining the website of any technical errors is also an important aspect to consider to ensure smooth web functioning. It also includes software updates, bug and technical error fixes, and installing maximum cybersecurity to protect from data breaches.

What a Website Based on Islamic Perspective? Connect with WebMaze

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