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Mobile-First Design: Unlocking UAE’s Digital Potential

UAE’s digital world is rapidly progressing and expanding giving it a major global recognition. Big-scale and small-scale businesses’ success is largely based on their online presence. Hence it’s pivotal for businesses to adopt the latest technological advancements to stay on top of their game.

One of the top-most digital advancements is the technology of smartphones. The evolution of smartphones has made technology and information accessible to everyone. So it’s significant to find the right business, web design and e-commerce strategy to bring returns and attract more users and customers.

Hence at WebMaze, we ensure to develop and design websites that work just as flawlessly on smartphones and tablets as they do on desktops. Our team of experts are here to help you out with smooth navigation, high-speed page loading, guaranteed customer satisfaction meaning overall happy users!

Let’s see what notable steps you can take to ensure your website is perfectly functional based on the mobile-first design. But first, let’s understand what’s mobile-first design and what is its significance in today’s digital world.

What is Mobile-First Design?

The mobile-first design focuses on creating websites that cater to the specifications needed to ensure that the websites are fully functional on smartphones and tablets. The prototype is based on how it will be presented and function on small screens, then if needed the design is modified to adjust to the desktop settings.

This guarantees that the design works efficiently on smartphones and tablets first before they are expanded to work on other screens and devices. The priority is to make sure that phone users get the best experience through their screens when they visit a website without any hassle or delay.

Why is Mobile-First Design Eminent?

The eminence of mobile-first design lies in the increasing use of mobile phones through the years. It’s crucial to maintain the user experience quality of sites on mobile phones as many people depend on their phones to browse and access websites.

Designing mobile-first websites as an “afterthought” only degrades the mobile user’s experience of the website, product display and services. It constrains the bandwidth and the screen resolution along with limited to zero multitasking features ruining the overall user experience.

One other factor to keep in mind for focusing on mobile-first design is that Google prefers mobile-friendly websites on its algorithm. So paying attention to Google’s algorithm preferences for your website and products to be easily discoverable by the masses is important. Even though organic traffic from search engines is important to ensure your business’s success, paying extra attention to Google’s algorithm is just as crucial.

In addition, smartphone purchases have skyrocketed since 2012 as compared to personal computer sales. People prefer using smartphones rather than desktop computers as they are more convenient and relatively faster as they are always nearby. Hence the need for mobile-friendly sites is more in demand and ever increasing.

How to Develop a Mobile-First Website?

Firstly, the website design must help users in navigating through the site smoothly and efficiently. The overall look and the interface of the site have to be comfortable for all the users, meaning it has to be inclusive of people with impairments and disabilities. The intention is to keep the interaction between users and the website as accessible as possible.

One other aspect to consider to maximize mobile-user experience is to give customers what they require instead of all the unnecessary fluff. The overall visual representation of the site should clearly show which components are significant and which ones are secondary. The tools and contents should be displayed following the same rule.

Adding to that, the main title of the site should be displayed at the top of the page with the content sample above the fold. It lets the visitors understand your content at a glance and go through the content quickly. Moreover, the users should be able to scan the page with complete ease. Also, ensure to break down the lengthy text into readable one-liners or small passages that don’t require much time to read.

Lastly, keeping the overall look and functionality basic yet unique to the brand is the best guideline to follow to design a successful mobile-friendly website. It increases information clarity and decreases user distraction when you only add the important and most functional tools to your mobile site.

Our Expertise

WebMaze has been a leading web design and development agency in UAE for more than 12 years with certified developers who can bring your ideas to fruition. If you need a site that is mobile-friendly, look no further!

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and an influx of traffic on your site guaranteeing success. It’s a win-win situation for us. Feel free to call us at +971 56 524 0583 or email us at [email protected] and we can prepare a proposal for you right away.

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